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raves + reviews


raves + reviews

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rafael + ebony

There are so many great things we could say about Nicole as a person and as a professional! When thinking of Nicole, a couple of words that come to mind are JOY and CONFIDENCE. Nicole embodies this sense of joy that permeates the room! From her smile, to the way she speaks with others, there’s just no way you can’t be happy around her. She also holds this confidence which helped us let go of our worries and truly trust her before and during our wedding. Once we started working with Nicole, we had no doubt that everything would come together, and it did! It was such an incredible experience to have a sister in Christ coordinate our wedding because she not only showed care and value about our wedding day, but also about the covenant we were entering and that meant so much to us. Thanks to Nicole, we were able to enjoy every second of our wedding day. On top of her managing timing, several vendors, decor, and pretty much everything, she made sure to consistently check in with us, make sure we were eating, make sure our families were relaxing, and assure that we were having fun! To this day, we tell people that having a wedding coordinator was one of the best decisions we made and our families agree!


brad + katie

As a fellow event planner, I was set to do the planning from beginning to end. I knew the vendors I needed, how to budget everything ect... I was ready for an easy planning process and didn't "need a coordinator." But with a personal aspects of wedding, I was trying to navigate the friends and family part- it was those tiny details where I wanted to just duplicate myself and couldn't figure it out.

During my planning process, I was in a wedding Nicole was coordinating and realized she had the same eye for detail and the love of timelines as I did. She was the answer to keeping all the stress at bay, and that in itself was worth every penny! Beyond taking all these details off my plate with 100% trust that it would come to fruition, she answered every random text question, SAVED THE DAY with last minute seating chart calligraphy. At the rehearsal dinner, it was like she belonged with all of our closest friends and family and made everyone feel at ease for the ceremony. My vendors raved about her, my mother raved about her, and it was beyond a blessing to turn the corner to see everything was right as I dreamed. If you're looking for your dream to come true, you want to have Nicole by your side! 


rob + whitney

You should hire Nicole for two reasons. First, she has perfected her craft (calligraphy). Second, she has one of the steadiest dispositions I've seen in stressful situations. She did all the calligraphy for my wedding invitations and signage and to say that it looked beautiful would be an understatement! I was ecstatic with how everything turned out. It was fun to collaborate on what each sign would say and how it would look. We were up until wee hours of the morning working on wedding stuff together and she stayed joyful, stable and calm - which was so helpful for me in those last few stressful days leading up to my wedding. I highly recommend Plan My Wedding Please!


mike + brittani

Nicole was so helpful in planning and coordinating my wedding. She had many great suggestions for a smoother itinerary and for vendors as well. She was always prepared and organized, and it showed on the big day! I didn’t feel like I need to stress about anything and I knew I could count on her for any request or concern I had. She will make sure you have a great time on your big day!


rolan + ari

I didn’t want to hire a wedding planner at first, but within moments of hiring Nicole my stress was cut down dramatically. Working with Nicole was an absolute privilege. Leading up to the wedding she always asked the best questions in order to create the day that my husband and I wanted. She gave much needed advice when we asked for it, but really helped center the wedding on our personalities and wishes. She was quick to jump on the details and finishing touches and really just came alongside me in the stressful process of wedding planning. She helped the big day run flawlessly, setting us up so well with everything we could have needed along the way. Nicole was easy to work with in all circles of the wedding— from the not-so-helpful venue coordinator, to the DJ, to the bride and groom— she went above and beyond to create a dream-come-true of a day that ran SO smoothly. My favorite thing about working with Nicole was how much she cared about us though. She was the first to remind my husband and I that this day was a beautiful celebration of our marriage rather than a stressful party, and never failed to ask how we were feeling at the end of a meeting. Nicole kept my feet on the ground and my heart centered, and I could not recommend her more.


Photo:  Jason Ball

Photo: Jason Ball

joey + samantha

Having Nicole as our wedding coordinator and calligrapher was absolutely exceptional. I received so many compliments from guests as to how smoothly the wedding went and a large part of that is thanks to Nicole and her assistant. She was so kind during the whole wedding planning process and was always there to answer any questions we had, no matter how silly they may have seemed. Nicole is also an incredibly kind person, which makes the experience that much better. Not to mention, she’s a very talented calligrapher! I highly recommend using her services and I am positive that you will have just as wonderful of an experience as my husband and I had with our wedding.


justin + casey

Nicole is the CREAM OF THE CROP when it comes to service, excellence and creativity! From beautiful invitation envelopes to the seating chart, to the individual table cards: she listened, she delivered, and did so with such a genuine kindness. There wasn't a message unanswered or a request not met. She did everything and then some, all with such a rare and wonderful sweetness about her. She communicated thoroughly, keeping us updated on the progress and making sure things were exactly how my future husband and I wanted it to be. At the wedding, we received compliment after compliment on the beautiful writing she did. Everyone LOVED their personal name card (highly recommend doing this) and so many of our guests still have them today, along with their beautifully written invitations. Nicole not only exceeded our expectations, but she did so with such a light about her! She is one that shines so brightly and is seen so clearly. She is passionate about what she does and who she is. Having her be part of our special day was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Now two years later, we still have the head table cards displayed among our wedding memorabilia and not a week goes by that we don't look at those cards and just smile from ear to ear! Thank you, Nicole, from the bottom of our hearts. You made our wedding and all the planning just that much better.